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We were born into this world to live out a great purpose. Through our dreams and inspirations.


These are those stories. Sparks of inspiration realized to its fullest potential. 

Founded by Madia Hill Scott, Winnienoah represents and reflects the beautifully diverse and complicated nature of humanity.

Bold and unapologetic, we play with life's gifts. These are OUR stories.


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Madia Hill Scott is a Liberian-American filmmaker and artist, whose work provides intimate portrayals of women-centric stories that unravel and dissect social norms. Through social realism storytelling, she explores the intersectionality of gender, race and identity within a socio-political umbrella. Her first narrative short “Solely,” through a provocative “fly on the wall” experience, humanizes a young woman behind the difficult and politicized decision of having an abortion. Her documentary short “CRWN | Afropunk 2018” explores the impact of sisterhood, self-love and black hair on the Black female millennial identity. Through these deeply personal stories, Scott pushes the conversation forward by sparking profound empathy and discussion, while connecting audiences from all backgrounds to larger universal truths.


Scott received her B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Natural Sciences and M.E in Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology at the University of Southern California.


—  As a female filmmaker of color, I look to women like Ava Duvernay, Mindy Kaling & Issa Rae. These influential women didn’t wait for Hollywood to open the doors, but instead paved their own way to cultivate a new TV & Film era that celebrates many untold, nuanced stories. I look to my mother, who came to the U.S. from Liberia at 19 and who in spite of tragedy, made a life for herself and her three kids. She taught me perseverance, unconditional love and sheer determination, which has been the most instrumental in my journey as an artist and filmmaker.


My films span from drama to dark comedy to mini-documentaries. I am forever seeking female, character-driven stories that investigate the core and essence of humanity, while exploring varying social and political issues that affect minority and subculture groups. 

                            Madia Hill Scott

FOr more info on Madia, click HERE.

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